Jimmy Thompson House Museum: Bangkok’s Best Kept Museum Secret

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Jimmy Thompson House Museum in Bangkok, Thailand

Imagine leaving home one morning only to realize you won’t be back anymore? What would be the plausible cause for this? A. Lost at Sea, B. Lost in a Jungle, C. Moving to a New Place? Let’s ask Jimmy Thompson which one is his answer, because up until now, he hasn’t gotten back to his house in Thailand. That was decades ago. Now, his house has been turned into this strikingly surreal museum, where everything has been preserved.

This is one of the few museums that you shouldn’t go to when it’s your first time in Bangkok, Thailand. It is, however, one of the museums you should go to when you want to explore an different side of Thailand’s history, far from all the temples, and street shopping. Here, it’s focused on the Christopher Columbus of Thailand, Sir. Jimmy Thompson. Yes, I made that up!

Jimmy Thompson, a self-made Entrepreneur, an architect, and an art collector was building his silk company and was collecting Buddhist and secular art. Since his odd disappearance in 1967, you can see very little has changed in his house. It’s the 'talk of the town' and the 'city's most celebrated social center'. Guided tours are available, which I was happy to participate in when I was there. I enjoyed this place because it reminded me of how hospitable Thai people are! Check the photos out~

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