“I Want To Escape This Life!”, Yes to FreeingSG’s Escape Room

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Freeing SG’s Escape Room

Being the repetitive Sherlock Holmes nerd that I am, I always want to try to solve these escape room challenges. So far, I’ve had 50% luck having tried two rooms, and one success rate. All my bandwagon buddies back in Manila parades their less than an hour success rates and monthly achievements in every Escape room in Manila, so imagine my Sherlock surprise when our group here in Singapore decided to do a birthday celebration activity, Escape Room style.

Inside The Cathay in Dhouby Ghaut, Singapore, you’ll be able to find the FreeingSG, which is essentially one of the few tried-and-tested-and-approved escape rooms here in Singapore. For those unaware, the game is simple: a group of people will be locked in a themed room, usually with a relevant storyline. Goal is to use the elements within the room to solve a series of puzzles, and subsequently find their way out before the time runs out. We got the chance to choose two themed rooms, 1.) Homicide: Death of the Headless Girl, 2.) War: The Battle for Freedom.

As luck would have it, we chose the “easiest” room and the scariest one. We were determined that we could win the whole thing. Eerie sounds, weird lights, plain bloody backdrop. Admittedly, this is the best room I have tried so far, because it had all the right elements to keep you insanely excited to go out of the room.

Alas, the air-conditioning was not working, simply because we were sweating out of fear and panic that we were running out of time. Alas, no one was able to solve the rooms on time! LOL This is definitely a good idea to try when in Singapore. It allows the sweat and surprise in you to escape when inside the escape room.

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