Chatuchak Market: Ultimate Shopping Spree Flea Market in Asia

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Chatuchak Market in Bangkok, Thailand

I am lagging behind with all my blogs, because my new role (and new work) requires me to attend long back to back hours of meetings. I am not complaining though, I’m just letting you in on some personal stuff happening on the side, while me trying to fulfil the expat life here in Singapore. It’s been a while since I’ve shared some stuff about these things over here. But I won’t bore you with those kinds of random daily stuff. Let’s stick to the cheap thrills that traveling and wandering can offer – like, Bangkok’s Chatuchak Market. It’s a dirt-cheap zone and it’s the place to give you all the things you hope and dream of when visiting a true authentic Asian market.

The Chatuchak Weekend Market, found at the Kamphaeng Phet 2 Road, Chatuchak, Bangkok, is the largest market in Thailand. Also known as JJ Market, it has more than 8,000 stalls, divided into 27 sections, selling everything under the sun - plants, antiques, pets, food and drinks, fresh and dry food, ceramics, furniture and home decor, clothing, and books.

It does not look like it has been opened for more than 60 years already given that the place is just thriving with lots of Thai good stuff. You can easily spend half day here scouring the place for good dibs on items which may interest you. Imagine scoring shades worth a dollar, or caps worth less than a meal. Really good dibs!

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