Slovakia's Cumil and Friends - Old Town's Picturesque Statues

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Cumil and Friends - Old Town's Picturesque Statues

The other day, I stumbled upon what seems to be a new statue in Singapore. In all the years that I’ve been here, I haven’t quite seen this interesting piece of art. Singapore’s art scene is indeed taking shape and what better way to remind us of that than to see new statues pop out of thin air.

In Bratislava though, it’s a different story altogether. In an (effective) attempt to enliven the Slovakia’s city centre, a few quirky statues with funny and quirky installations are all around. First they have Cumil - residing in the Old Town, dates back only to 1997, which is still a puzzle whether he is simply resting, looking up women's skirts, just cleaned the sewer?

Next they have Napoleon's Army Soldier, which can be found at a bench on Main Square, also known as the Hlavne namestie, in the centre of Bratislava. Napoleon the 1st visited Bratislava in 1805, and then in 1809 Napoleon's army blew up the Devin Castle near Bratislava. Hence, the reminder.

They also have a Schone Naci, a Paparazzi, and Hans Christian Andersen to name a few more. These bronze-looking fellows is a good reminder than even during the grey times of Bratislava, there’s hope in their arts scene.

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