Slovak Pubs: Big Bites With These Restaurants in Bratislava

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Slovak Pubs: Big Bites With These Restaurants in Bratislava

A tasty celebration of local food with offers and events throughout the year, this al fresco style restaurant is a good stop over for non-locals who yearn for some good local food fares. This place has become a fast favorite on the city’s food scene, inviting visitors to enjoy a veritable feast of signature menus, sensational culinary choices, and the most likable street view dining experience. Our Asian troop did all the street-scouring before finding this not so hidden food gem.

The dining experience opens once you sit outside the open area, where you can enjoy the local ambiance and people-watching while waiting for the delicious foods to be served. The encyclopedic Slovakian menu and selection encompasses a lot of things you would want to see and order in a local restaurant. Must try: traditional Slovak food!

They’ve got three restaurants around the city and the one we tried is the one near the Skaritz Hotel & Residences, just an eye-shot from the St. Michael’s street and St. Michael’s gate.  If you’re into that buffet type of big servings that only Asians can’t handle, then this is the resto place for you.

Links to the restaurants:

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