Old Town Run Down: Bratislava’s Old Town in Photos

Wednesday, July 13, 2016 0 Comments

Old Town Run Down: Bratislava’s Old Town in Photos

As sanctimonious as it sounds, I can’t help but reveal how much I travel the world and want to inspire others to do the same. It’s not for social media’s sake, or for passport stamp’s benefit, or what have you, it’s more of learning to live life the fullest – one country > city > culture at a time. And I am reminded of this realization whenever I encounter places like the Old Town in Bratislava.

I have really enjoyed my world travels and the eye-opening experiences that have accompanied my journeys. And this time in Bratislava, Slovakia is a good memory of that. A historic center and one of the boroughs of Bratislava, the Old Town is a small medieval city center, with loads of churches and cultural institutions. With the beautiful Danube riverbank promenade around, I was with my folks walking around in a slow and restful fashion. It’s one of those old towns in Europe that you wouldn’t even care of the time that much; it’s very laid-back and throwback.

What’s your best and most favourite old town area in the world? Care to share?

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