Live It Up With The Folks: Traveling from Austria to Slovakia

Friday, July 08, 2016 , 1 Comments

Traveling from Vienna, Austria to Bratislava, Slovakia

Did you know that there’s a quick and easy train ride from one country to the next in Europe? You know, cos everyone knows about that by now. But for me who only tried a bit of inter-country Euro-train rides, it’s like I’m starring on an upcoming BBC Travel reality show featuring Asians and their quest to bargain-travel their way around Europe. In this episode, it’s where I find this train ticket bargain from Vienna to Bratislava, city capitals of Austria and Slovakia.

Whoever stereotyped that only the young itchy-feet Europeans can travel their way around Asia should have met our ensemble of travel bug Asians who aspire to be stereotyped as such. LOL! In any case, I’m stirring back to the Austria to Slovakia train topic here – sure is a must do when in Austria or Slovakia.

Whenever I get to watch films where it involves long train rides with lots of pensive sounding background music, I can’t help it but wonder if it’s really like that in real life. And it actually is, in my head at least. Had a chance to do it several times when I visited EU a couple of years back, and it sounds pretty much the same as in the films. Of course, here in Asia, do that kind of thing and you won’t hear the music in your head because it gets too noisy or too packed! :-)

Okay, no more rambling, more pictures coming up. It’s very easy to get tickets to and fro, but it’s better to book at least a day before to get an agreeable schedule. Booking online might not be the most optimal in this case because there might be some questions you may have which can be easily answered by the friendly EUpean manning the ticketing booth.

What’s your mind’s music when traveling on train rides like this one?

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