The Leaning Structures of Amsterdam, Netherlands: Stop, Stand, Stare

Friday, June 03, 2016 0 Comments

The Leaning Structures of Amsterdam, Netherlands

Clearly, it appears that Amsterdam structures are the clingy types because they like to lean on to each other. If you’re wondering, no, I am not high on weed.  Dizzy sleepy, maybe, but clear enough to see that the buildings, houses, and other structures in Amsterdam are leaning, slanted, bordering to the idea of an optical illusion.

Historical facts say, Amsterdam structures suffer, to a large extent, since many buildings are built on wooden stilts, have foundation problems , which account for their somewhat skewed appearance. The buildings seem to be a fan of Pisa, because they sure are leaning.

And if you see something similar in Asia, you would probably run for dear life because you’ll surely feel you’re about to be part of the imminent debris. But here in Amsterdam, it has a different effect. It’s insanely beautiful, bordering on outstanding. It seems to be preserved and taken care of. This is one of the interesting not-a-legit landmark kind of sight to see when you visit Amsterdam. Make sure you relax and get transfixed by these little architectural wonders.

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