Special: Laugh Bar, Singapore’s Newest Nightlife Place For You

Monday, June 27, 2016 , 0 Comments

Laugh Bar

When you turned on your celebratory genre, the best place to get a good doze of laughs and enjoyment is at the Laugh Bar at The South Beach. Happy hour slowdown celebration with the most important people in your life should be reveled in here. I happen to be guilty as charged when I went here for the foremost reason: CELEBRATION.

It’s nothing near a laughable place, but more on a laugh-inducing good time kind of atmosphere. We went here on the premise that it’ll be completely packed during a weekend happy hour night, but surprisingly, it was just us. The bar was exclusively opened for us! (Nah, okay that’s not even a laughable joke haha). You can just imagine, it’s just my group of people and the rest of the graciously cool and friendly management and baristas. Ahh, Live+Laugh kind of life, yes.

It’s a place that’s not only pleasing to the palette, but more so to one’s perception. Everything is artistically fancy. From surrounding art, to the space, bar counters, and ceiling walls, everything looks faultless. Food-wise, our palettes are blown away by the tenderness and flavor of the food. Highly recommended… to make Laugh, not war. :-)

Address: Laugh, 1 The South Beach, 30 Beach Rd.,, Singapore, 189763 Singapore
Opening Hours: daily 6:30 am-12:45 pm

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