Shopping, Sightseeing, and Souvenir Hunting: Amsterdam’s Warm Welcome Awaits

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Amsterdam’s Warm Welcome Awaits

It’s triple SSS in Netherlands! Shopping, the perennial hobby, sightseeing, the daily chore, and souvenir hunting, thy regular rite. Netherlands is one of the nicest countries across the European region where you can enjoy these three things easily, it’s almost impossible to do just one thing at a time.

There are streets of shopping areas to choose from when in Amsterdam. Though it’s far from anything like in Asia where there are cities of shopping centers and malls. In Amsterdam, there are areas where you’d definitely get a chance to burn money. Retail shops are embracing each other and it’s stress-free to coast from one shop to the next.

On the other hand, sightseeing is everyone’s type. I haven’t heard anyone who did not do any kind of sightsee when they visited Amsterdam. Sightsee landmarks, people, food, anything, be it through cycling, walking, boating, standing, sitting, sleepwalking, everything. Netherlands is for everyone who dreams of a good sightseeing adventure.

Souvenir hunting, of course. As an Asian and an expert cheap skate, I rarely endorse souv-places in EU that are good for buying souvenirs, because we all know the universal truth: it’s painfully expensive. But yes, we can always argue that there are a few that are cheap. Amsterdam is FAR from inexpensive! BUT, it does not mean you should completely skip it out. Lots of good finds that are uniquely Netherlands, the land of talented hipsters and creatives. Not crazy expensive, but I think there are items worth your money. Take me back to Netherlands? SSS.

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