RSAF Open House: This Is How You Defend Singapore’s Skies Like a Boss

Monday, June 20, 2016 0 Comments

RSAF Open House 2016

Singapore, though really small, prides itself to be one of the few countries in South East Asia who has all the top notch saving private ryan air force gadgets and machineries. This year, the opened the Defending Our Skies RSAF Open House 2016 Fairground Aerial View. Everyone’s inner Tom Cruise is on the loose!


It’s a two-day event with program highlights such as Aerial Displays, Red Lion Displays, Stage Performances, K9 Demonstrations, and Aircraft Arming Demonstrations. Located just beside the Air Force Museum, I’ve been a witness to some intensely insane action packed performances and displays. Felt like a was about to turn into a full-fledged GI Joe.

For those unfamiliar, RSAF are the ones that safeguards the skies in Singapore. They have an exhibition hall where you can get to know more about the RSAF, and see stories, exhibits, and simulators. Even better, there are tons of aircraft and weapon systems to take pictures of and with. F-16D+, AH-6D Apache, KC135 Tanker to name a few.

Feast your eyes on the things you can see here – sign me up for the next training if I can go ahead and ride all these Defense systems! :)

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