Pasta Plaza: Insanely Good Italian Pizza + Pasta Place in Amsterdam

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Pasta Plaza - Amsterdam, Netherlands

The Italian casual restaurant Pasta Plaza in Amsterdam, Netherlands is a go to place if you suddenly get tired of eating stroopwaffles for some reason. Anybody in Amsterdam, be sure to try this small Italian café place that’s relatively inexpensive, universally delicious. The sauces are lovely, and the restaurant is unpretentious. If you haven’t sought out this gem, it’s time you do so.

Walking around Amsterdam in the middle of the day and looking around, you’ll see how all the al fresco seats and lunch places seem to be fully filled. But in one corner, in front of a busy alley, the Pasta Plaza stands out as this small yet packed place with lots of locals and small groups. Upon entering, ahh sweet scent of Italian food flavours.

The menu is succinct and foreveryseason, focusing on the quality of ingredients and of course, freshness of flavors. After one visit, you’ll be left in no doubt of the quality and thumbs up approval. It’s for your everyday Italian food craving that’s not too over the top exageratedly expensive, but factual enough to be consider delizioso~

Address: Damstraat 42, 1012 JM Amsterdam, Netherlands

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