Do As The Locals Do: You’d Be Crazy Not To Ride a Bicycle in Netherlands

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You’d Be Crazy Not To Ride a Bicycle in Netherlands

You may think you prefer to walk around or ride boats around Amsterdam, but there’s such a thing as doing as the locals do, and I’m going to throw in an inception idea for you. Time to join the eternal bandwagon that is cycling here in Amsterdam. It’s the way it’s supposed to be. Netherlands is, without a doubt, one of the biggest bike-crazy countries in Europe.

If Vietnam calls for motorcycles, in Netherlands, there’s no way but to cycle. If in VN it’s perilious to get hit by motorcycles, and they actually won’t stop if you cross the streets; in NL, they are polite enough to honk and stop when they see you. But don’t dare to walk around the bicycle lanes as there might be some crazy old lady ready to shout at you. Yes, true story.

When it was my very first time in Amsterdam, I clearly remember how I wanted to try the bike for rents. A few hours after carrying my trusty old and heavy Nikon SLR, I realized it will be difficult to take photos while cycling. So, yes again, walk-is-me. And these are the photos of my not yet forgotten bucket list, to cycle around Amsterdam. But seriously, why is cycling so popular in Netherlands?

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