An Easily Exceptional City Center Experience in Amsterdam, Netherlands

Friday, June 10, 2016 0 Comments

City Center Experience in Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam probably carried out the city-center DNA of the entire European region, because not only does it have an air of carnival-like faction atmosphere, it also has the friendliest environment you can ever expect in any European city. It has all the right elements - from the crowd, down to the culture; you’ll fall in love with Amsterdam straightway.

What I like and appreciate about Amsterdam’s city centre is how easy it is to like the place. It’s charming without trying too hard. It’s caring without being too imposing, It’s complete without being too perfect. I almost skipped this city during my first European leg and now, looking back in hindsight, I realize that every Asian should aim to experience Amsterdam’s city center. For us South East Asians, it’s always Paris, or London, but Amsterdam has so much to offer without being too overhyped. Without a doubt, one of my favorites.

My mom’s face expressed it best when she smiled from ear to ear when we reached Amsterdam’s city center. She was nearly teary eyed with an awestruck expression, I knew she’s savoring the place. It’s our last city in Europe before heading back to our routine Asian life, but truth is, our lives will never be the same again, all thanks to this land of cheese, chocolates, and canals.

What’s your favorite European city center experience?

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