Times of Change in Saigon, Revisiting Vietnam Years After

Tuesday, May 03, 2016 0 Comments

Revisiting Vietnam Years After

Who would have thought, what a different five years can make. Five years ago, I have visited Ho Chi Minh city with some of my closest lavish-allergic friends who would prefer dirty rugged adventures over expensive high class slow tours. If you’ve lived in the Philippines long enough, you will have this love-hate relationship with this kind of  adventure, because you almost get to experience it every day, but you also miss it when it’s just too safe and boring. Yes, I find thrill in this daily adventure, and Vietnam’s metropolis has proven once again that it’s that kind of place.

But glad to know that as Vietnam ushered into new heights, there are a lot of changes that I’ve seen compared to my previous visit. Now, the city clearly promises a stellar adventure with it’s unique and laidback approach. From temples, to motorbikes, to beef noodles, I am assured that Vietnam is an excellent option, similar to Thailand and the Philippines, for all the westerners and asians who are seeking that asylum of dangerous amusement that can only be identified as an Asian travel.

In the meantime, here are some of the photos I took during my holiday-long rendevous as an unpretentious solo traveller, walking around, dressing up like a local, and trying my best to get lost in the crowd and culture of Saigon.


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