Red Light District in the Morning: Eyes Wide Open!

Monday, May 30, 2016 0 Comments

Red Light District in the Morning: Eyes Wide Open!

How does the red light district in Amsterdram look like in the morning when people are literally all over the place? No reds, no legs, and no photographs allowed. The streets and shops where you can find the door to door glass shops with seemingly inviting abodes are dormant. No hooting, no waving felines and google-eyed chaps around. Seeing it the red light district in Amsterdam in the mornings is not everyone’s cup of tea, but this actually makes you appreciate the building’s body without the ladies as embellishments.

You can faintly smell weed in the streets of Amsterdam, but this is not the reason why your eyes will seemingly see the Red light district with Instagram filters. There isn’t anything controversial or sexy about the district when the sun is up, but there is a good statement that these buildings emphasize. Netherlands know how to take care of their buildings and architecture.

Hard to admit (haha sorry mom, it’s not what you think!) but I’ve seen a couple of Red Light Districts in my lifetime and the one in Amsterdam is one of the finest I’ve seen, both day and night. In the morning, it looks like a creative landmark, where hipsters abound. Check them out! No peekaboo pictures though. Okay, maybe no red light pictures at all, mostly photos around or near the area. Enjoy, told you Amsterdam is beautiful. :-)

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