Nhà thờ Công Giáo Tân Định: Look At This Pink Church in Vietnam

Friday, May 06, 2016 0 Comments

Pink Church - Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

Admit it, we kind of like to visit religious sites as part of our travels into a new city. While Vietnam is mainly a Buddhist country and pagodas abound every city, thanks to the French influences in this nation, there are catholic churches also. One sure celebrated church that is far from extravagant yet still manages to make you say wow is the Tan Dinh: Vietnam Pink Church.

It has been named as such because of its façade’s striking rose color that you’ll noticed when you walk by around the area. Next to the legendary Notre Dame Basilica, which has been built by the French during the last centry, this is the second largest church in the Ho Chi Minh. Every local knows this beautiful favorite worthy place of worship. You’d be lucky if you get to hear mass here as well, as the church inside is blushed with pink as well.

The park in front with a statue of Mary and the actual church is well kept. I’ve seen a few travellers spending some time taking pictures and sharing prayers. Interesting enough, one local said to us that from afar, the cathedral, the street in front and the garden make a big cross symbol in the ground. If you are spending an extra few hours in Saigon, why not share some of your time in this religious iconic basilica.

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