Ending with Dutchness: Dutch culture and the Netherlands

Wednesday, May 25, 2016 0 Comments

Dutch culture and the Netherlands

Begin with the end in mind. That’s what all great mentors of my time would say to me. And now, after so much traveling, and backlog blogging, I’d snap back at them with this: I do not know where to begin and where to end. Perhaps confused as I am with what I said? :)

After seeing how life is unfolding in real life, versus how it is slowing being transformed in blog form, the whole mix is fantastic and baffling. The closest moment I can relate it to was during the time we visited Amsterdam, Netherlands.

It was our last leg of our ten-country almost month long trip, and everything was ending and beginning at the same time. The trip was ending, but the memories and moments that my family will forever-remember were just beginning to take root. It was poignant. I could have sworn I felt a tear almost fall of my face, if only it wasn’t too cold!

Dutch culture and Netherlands – wow yes, always a good place to go to. So many sights, sounds, and beautiful towering people. Gulliver’s travel in real life! The canals and creatives here are plentiful. People here seem to know the type of art and style that hipsters would really enjoy – no wonder there are a lot of youngsters here. Join me as we do another rediscovery of this city in this upcoming travel series.

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