Công viên Cảng du lịch Bạch Đằng: Saigon’s Best Kept Waterside Secret

Tuesday, May 10, 2016 0 Comments

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When Ho Chi Minh decided to close one Marina Bang Dang place, a new good  maritime meet up dwelling emerged. Tourist Park Bach Dang port is the anchorage point that’s a hidden gem for tourists who are lucky enough to enjoy Saigon’s bay side landscape setting. This area remains to be the flocking edge of the hotels, business, architecture, art, and entertainment for locals and non-newbie travellers.

I did not intend to visit this place, but when we started to do our walk around Saigon, I knew we had to pass by this place, because it was mentioned by one of the locals we talked too. Its resonant of some bayside areas I can find back home in the Philippines, but it’s also unique in the sense that it’s uncrowded. Can easily appreciate the vast land lining even more. Feels like a major reclaimed area formed around the waterfront.

Only if you have some time to spare in Saigon, why not explore and find your wandering feet around this area. And if you happen to swing by this area at night, even better because it lights up like a glowing firefly, yes.

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