Restaurace Na Klárově: Pop in for a Late Lunch in Prague

Tuesday, April 05, 2016 0 Comments

Restaurace Na Klárově, Prague, Czech Republic

The Restaurace Na Klárově is the ultimate classic Czech pub serving good local food and nice humble-friendly atmosphere. Our troop decided to swing by this place after looking around for some casual Czech food places that aren’t too upmarket and not too street-food either. The Restaurace Na Klárově represents all that with extremely good value.

Upon entering the restaurant, the narrow space at the bar, continuing into the spacious rooms and people-filled tables and light-hearted environment, you’d immediately want to stay longer and just eat your way to the rest of the afternoon until sundown. They’ve got the kindliest waiters who would describe all that’s in the menu like it’s a story book.

True to their words, the food tastes delicious and hearty. They also offer beers, though in small selection. They have appetizers, vegetarian meals, fish, something to go with the beers, main courses, and Czech cuisines. The customer service here is very attentive, but not to the point of being annoyingly intrustive.

If you are looking for a nice lunch place near the Prague Castle that’s not too overpriced yet still local enough to satisfy your Czech cuisine craving, this is the place to try out.

Address: U Zelezne Lavky 16, Prague 118 00, Czech Republic
Opening Hours: Daily 11:00 am – 11:00 pm

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