Prague’s Old Town Square: Medieval meets Modern Township in Czech Republic

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Prague’s Old Town Square

Why are there Old Towns in Europe to begin with? There are so many charming medieval cities in Europe and it’s impossible not to like storybook towns like the one you can find in Prague, Czech Republic. Much of old-world Czech can be found in this very epicenter.

Have I told you lately that I like old school stuff? The throwbacks, the epics, the myths, the legends. Probably because of too much modernization here in Singapore, there are moments when I want to disconnect, detach, and see the old times. Part of growing up in traveling, yes you could say that too. But there is certainly something worth liking when you visit a place where Wordsworth and the Romantics seem to have roamed the place. Old towns, yes.

Prague has one of the most festive old towns I have visited in Europe and I don’t doubt why it’s a local favorite, seeing all the rustic and extraordinarily encapsulating structures you can find here. It’s the old-town-place-to-be.

The Staré Město pražské, which is separated from the outside by a semi-circular moat and wall, connected to the Vltava river at both of its ends, is filled with other important sites like the Old New Synagogue, Old Town Square and Astronomical Clock. Seeing so many things in one place --- that’s the kind of Old Town worth spending a day-whole-day.

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