15 Real Facts You Should Know About Coffee

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15 Real Facts You Should Know About Coffee

Coffee is like a pleasure for everybody. People think that Coffee is the best way to bring happiness in their lives. Coffee is a pleasant and a brewed drink that keeps our mind fresh and happy. People also take it as an energizer which boosts their mind and keep them more attentive and relax. One can understand the benefit of best espresso machine for making a good coffee.

Coffee is an addiction which provides pleasure and relief for the time but results in danger. “Excess of everything is bad.” This phrase proves that excess use of anything like coffee or caffeine can harm human health, either its anti-oxidant or provides pleasure to people but it also has different side and harmful effects on the human body. The pleasure of coffee or caffeine is a positive impact, but the harm and danger from caffeine show the adverse side effects of this brewed drink.

Here are few points that elucidate the both positive and negative facts of coffee or intake of caffeine.

Pleasure - coffee is a fantastic drink. It’s the best way to keep all the distances compact. Somehow, a balanced intake of coffee can be good for the human health. It is good for the brain, skin, mind relaxation and a little for the human body too. Many people use coffee to keep their figure slim, smart and active. Coffee as well is a healthy drink that keeps people happy, energetic and intelligent.

Some positive facts for the intake of coffee are following:
* Coffee provides pleasure to everybody and brings happiness to live.
* Brewed seeds of coffee have Anti-Oxidants in it which are good for human body.
* It helps in the removing the risk of Parkinson’s disease.
* Intake of Caffeine or coffee can reduce the possibility of Type 2 Diabetes.
* Coffee is a fantastic and healthy drink for our liver.
* Coffee can help us to make our brain stronger for longer.
* Coffee is an energizer to all and can make you the best athlete.
* You can live longer by balance intake of coffee or caffeine.

Danger - intake of coffee is good, but excess intake will result in jeopardy, it’s quite controversial. Whether, it provides pleasure and is good for mind relaxation, but it also has the dangerous adverse effects that are mostly untold to the people. Addiction to coffee or caffeine can cause the different type of dangerous diseases to humans like the ulcer, cancer, psychological disorders, anxiety, depression, skin problem as well also creates the hormonal imbalance in women that can affect their pregnancy and can create many complications in childbirth.

The negative facts of Coffee or Caffeine are following:
* Coffee can cause Anxiety, Depression.
* Excess Intake of coffee can result in dark circles.
* It increases the stress hormones.
* Coffee elevates the urinary excretion of some minerals.
* It increases the Cholesterol level that can be harmful.
* Coffee raises the heart rate to 100 beats per minutes which can result in high Blood Pressure.
* Coffee can also cause Osteoporosis and can raise the risk of crumbly bones.

Precautions - So, after knowing these dangerous adverse facts about Coffee, you don’t need to take any risky chance regarding your health. Drink Coffee, but for a limit. If you use coffee excessively, it will result in harmful diseases. So, why to take a risk. For a balanced and a happy life without coffee, here are some tips that can help you.

At least, drink 7-8 glass of filtered or boiled water instead of coffee intake. If you are tired and want to relax, then sleep more instead of coffee intake. Eat a healthy food instead of taking coffee as a diet food and slim medication. If you are sleepless, then take some calcium citrate and magnesium citrate doses instead of having mugs of coffee. Keep your life on a balanced track that you will not be needy of using coffee as an energizer.

Those who excessively uses coffee and are addicts, symptoms of these causes will slowly disappear by the gap of 2 or 3 days. These are the best way to reduce caffeine intakes gradually.


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