Walking In and Around Prague, Czech Republic

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Prague, Czech Republic on foot

If we are talking about statistics and we do a bit of fact finding, Prague is one of the easiest cities to roam around in. Without taking too much time on each castle, bridge, restaurant, landscape, or any site for that matter, it will literally take you less than a day to explore the city by foot.

But then again, that’s the thing, Czech Republic’s capital also happens to be one of the easiest cities to fall in love with when in Central Europe. There’s so much charm to see without the fear of it being too expensive, or elite, or unsafe. Which is why, you have to take much time seeing each castle, bridge, restaurant, landscape, among many others. I have never seen a city in central Europe that is as people-packed and as alive as Prague (so far), and it’s a surprisingly good thing to see given you would only see such kind of setup when in Asia!

I rarely regret things when it comes to traveling, because everything surprising and amazing has happened because of it. But in this case, I somewhat regret not spending too much time exploring Prague. There’s still so much to see and explore, especially with all the mobile apps and offline maps being made available to people --- Prague is a must come back to place!

But for now, these photos will do! From our train ride from Austria to Czech Republic to everything Prague walking related, you can find it here through pictures. Planning to go back? Take me with you.

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