Souvenir Hunting in Budapest: One of Cheapest Destinations in Europe for Souvenir Take-Homes

Friday, March 11, 2016 0 Comments

Souvenirs in Budapest, Hungary 

Going souvenir shopping has been a force of habit that’s almost impossible to break, even if you go window shopping or otherwise. There’s always that feeling of extravagance when visiting a city, and discovering it by burning some money and checking out decadent gifts to take home and give our folks always seem like an honorable idea. Amen.

Budapest, Hungary, is probably one of the interesting souvenir shopping destinations in Europe so far. They’ve got a lot of reasonably priced items, and cool ones that are quite versatile enough to be given as a gift for any occasion. Not as exceedingly expensive as in Norway or Switzerland, but not as dirt cheap as Asian souvenirs. I’m no shopper, but I don’t mind joing in the window-souv-hunt bandwagon.

And the crowd seems to agree with my observation, as every year, I’ve heard from one of the sellers that there are never-ending customers doing their rounds in street markets and open festivals. From Buda Castle down to any tourist-friendly street around Budapest, you can easily spot good finds to bring back to your family and friends. Money to burn? Best to light it up in Budapest!

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