Lanchid Sorozo: Complete Your Night Out in Budapest, Hungary Here

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Lanchid Sorozo in Budapest, Hungary

Lánchíd Söröző bar-café-pub in Budapest, Hungary is a head-turner. It’s like a bride/groom whose about to walk down the aisle; in this case a newlywed, full of charismatic cool. This pub is a few walks away from its bride/groom, the Chain Bridge, and it comes along with a wonderful retro Magyar feel to it, with old movie posters on the walls and red-checked cloths on the tables. (Pardon the wedding analogy, I just got witnessed my beautiful cousin's equally beautiful wedding!).

Lanchid Sorozo is one of those cafes you would consider a classic landmark for people who are into immersion through local day-to-day culture. In this case, the cool and comfortable bar-café that is adult-family friendly. It’s a nightlife spot that’s approved by the locals and foreigners alike.

Once inside, the atmosphere is quite “cowboy” friendly, like the ones you see in those classic American cowboy movies with swinging doors and sepia-colored cinematography. Cowboy Wedding event? You can say that seems true with this beer-full fantastic bar scene in Lanchid Sorozo.

Address: Fő utca 4, Budapest, Hungary

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