Czech Republic’s Charles Bridge Fact: The Most Populated Bridge in Prague

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Czech Republic’s Charles Bridge

Like a bridge over troubled water? Not this one. The Charles Bridge is a bridge full of (troubled) people from all walks of life. And this is probably the most populated bridge I’ve ever seen in my life! This 15th century old historical bridge connects the old town of Prague to the new town, crossing the Vitava river.

It’s an arch type of bridge, has a lot of street artists, tourists, merchants, and entertainers; not to mention, statues (ice guards) with whom to take selfies with! Some say it is the second or third best spot to see in Prague because it transforms itself every season – best time would be winter!

Not that you need to know, but it’s made of Bohemian stand stone? Cool, yes. It has three bridge towers, and is coined as one of the most astonishing civil gothic-style architecture in Prague. Cool, yes. The bridge is now a pedestrian zone. Previously though, both tram and car traffic were allowed. Now, it’s just constantly filled with people. If you want to have it all to yourself, go there at night or very early in the morning!

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