Corvin Café & Bistro, Budapest: The Cool, Calm, Collected One

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Corvin Café & Bistro, Budapest

It’s time to take a seat in one of the hipster-est and most chill cafes in Budapest. There are a lot of traditional grand old coffee houses in Budapest, but the Corvin Café & Bistro is a sure winner for the bourgeois, artists, writers, soloists, travellers, and locals. It’s that perfect quiet spot and conveniently near the Art ‘Otel, Fisherman’s Bastion, and the Danube bank.

There’s nothing too radically extravagant about this place, which makes it a perfect spot for the everyday café or night-out two bottles comfort. It is located nearby a beautiful park, which makes it so inviting. It gives that magic that you’re in a city that’s empty of teething troubles and all that’s present are your café food and the calming view of the park next to you.

Food is inexpensive and extensive for a small place like the Corvin Café & Bistro. The service is reasonably unhurried, but the food fares command a two thumbs up. Must try: Hungarian Breakfast, Corvin Breakfast, Melange, Moccachino.

If you are a food-ambiance fanatic who enjoys trying something tasty that you've never tried before, perhaps Corvin Café & Bistro is a should visit when in Budapest, Hungary. It is probably here where all the lip-smacking dishes find common ground.

Address: Budapest, Corvin tér, 1011 Hungary
Opening Hours: Daily 9:00 am – 9:00 pm

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