Széchenyi Chain Bridge: Crossing Both Sides of Budapest

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Széchenyi Chain Bridge - Budapest, Hungary

Let me borrow some lines from an article I was reading earlier: “A nation, culture, and architecture being likened to a three-leaf clover. These three things are tightly grown together, creating one entirety that represents a country.”

Brilliant analogy and so true.

Which brings me to my mammoth-size fascination towards the Budapest’s Széchenyi Chain Bridge. It’s one of the many three-leaf clover that Hungary has to offer and I certainly feel lucky to have seen it in real life.

For any typical Asian mortal, the only big idea of a bridge we have is that of London. And maybe the one in San Francisco. There rest are just either not that tempting, or just too unheard of. But, you see, the beauty of traveling online and bridging it with traveling offline is that you get to discover iconic day-to-day places such as the one they have in Budapest.

The Széchenyi Chain Bridge is in fact a suspension bridge that spans the River Danube between Buda, western side of Budapest and Pest, eastern side of Budapest.

It’s made of wrought iron and stone, and was constructed in 1840. Fact is, this bridge encompasses so much Hungarian history, popular culture, and architecture that it happens to be one of the most photographed bridges in this side of Hungary.

The bridge reminds me of Singapore because of the guardian lions (with its tongue hidden). Beautiful sight to behold, especially in the mornings when you can freely cross the bridge with not much people; also, especially at night when the bridge gets lit up and the backdrop of the Royal Castle and the rest of Budapest gets into the postcard ready view.

Be sure to include this in your walking tour around Budapest, when you visit Hungary. And if I can say so myself, getting that Széchenyi Chain Bridge experience earns you a three-leaf clover experience, all thanks to Hungary-

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