Yellow Lantern Cafe, Antipolo: The Best Skyline View of Manila?

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Yellow Lantern Cafe, Philippines

There are times when a quote can’t seem to fully be applicable to a situation. The quote “It's the journey, not the destination, that really matters”. Case in point: Metro Manila traffic.


I don’t want to add more inputs to what is already obvious – and all that high negativity count caused by this city’s traffic problems, but I can assure you that it is a matter of (terrible) fact. Manila traffic is insane. The traffic here should not be tolerated and should be solved. 


Now on the other hand, destinations like the Yellow Lantern Cafe in Antipolo City, with this really nice overlooking scenic cafe, is one of the best cafes you’ll ever (ever) find in this side of the Philippines.


I reached this place just minutes before the Manila sundown, and I could have sworn I was in Budapest experiencing the most beautiful sundown Manila has ever produced. It’s such an underated but striking experience to have, and to know that it’s just a little above the Antipolo footsteps is great. It’s a cafe with a nice yellow spacious atmosphere, one that is private, casual, and easily likable.


It’s at the ground floor of the Comodaville Building, just near a modern day Antipolo castle. It serves mostly Asian and Western cuisines good for Lunch, Snacks, Dinner, and Full Bar drinks. It has outdoor seatings and really one of a kind couple seat views of the Manila skyline.


Food and drinks are awesome-fordable. Staffs are nice-and-easy, very accommodating. I would definitely recommend this place for all those folks, local and foreign alike, who would like to be completely rapt by the Manila skyline’s lure, and those who are willing to fight against the wrath of everyday city traffic – I guarantee you, the Yellow Lantern Cafe is worth your while.


Address: Ground Floor, Comodaville Building,

267-269 Sumulong Highway, Mambugan, Antipolo City

Opening Hours: Daily 10:00 – 12:00 AM




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