Helpling Singapore Cleaning Service Review – Is This Home Cleaning Service Any Good At All?

Thursday, January 21, 2016 , 1 Comments

Helpling Singapore Cleaning Service Review

Helpling Singapore is the very first and only city in Asia where Helpling, a German-born start-up company, is available, and it specializes in kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, living rooms, floors and dusting, and on every cleaning service. They provide cleaning services that suit every need and every schedule, be it weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, and one-time service.

I’ve had the chance to collaborate with them through their French expat import, and I’ve gotten a whole lot of respect and insights about how things are in this type of customer service kind of industry, all thanks to Helpling for helping.

They understand the very fundamental concept of why they are doing such service, which is not just to clean, but also to help. They understand that we are all busy people here in Singapore, and that we have more important things to do with your valuable free time than cleaning our houses, rooms, and such. And true to their mantra, their home cleaning service is one of the best and most effective that I’ve experienced to date.

The truly excellent level of service provided by their cleaner impressed me. I availed a three hour service through their website, which was very fast and easy to use. Once done, everything else that followed was all excellent customer service – from calling to confirm, to the process of having the cleaner visit the house, advice what cleaning products to be used, and even give some tips on how to clean certain spots of the house in the future – the general responsiveness and candid professionalism of Helpling is really commendable.

The cleaner cleaned literally everywhere, even the little corners or things you think they might miss. After months (years?) of living in dust, our flat finally looks normal, inhabitable, and clean-smelling. Haha. Helpling is just brilliant!

I wouldn’t say that our flat looks spanking new, nor would I post a fake picture of a clean house (because truth be told, we enjoyed the clean house, we made it dirty again in no time – true story!); but what I can guarantee is that I would be more than happy to work with Helpling Cleaning Services again because they did a fantastic job, really thorough, and to a high standard.

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Great service reasonably priced by Sweeney Cleaning Co. Very friendly and took the time to do quality work. I had a white sofa that was dirty and is now pristine. Took time to do spot treatment by hand and also scotch guard the furniture. Good with pet stains. I will be a repeat customer!

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