Palace of Culture and Science: Take A Long Good Look At Poland’s Highest Building

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Take A Long Good Look At Poland’s Highest Building

The weather in Singapore right now is an exact duplicate of how it was back in Warsaw when I visited – gray, gloomy, and damp. But oddly so, this is the best way to highlight the desaturated splendour of Palace of Culture and Science or Pałac Kultury i Nauki. You can actually liken it to a rainy postcard version of the New York’s Empire State Building, a true standout landmark.

It was our last day in Warsaw when we ventured out around this area. Imagine an early morning don’t want to leave the city attitude, and we just decided to walk like a slug, despite my mom wanting to stay behind in the hotel room. Good thing about Warsaw is that the minute you walk out and walk around, there’s no room for regret and laziness. The throwback 90s Russian movie atmosphere makes you want to explore with a vodka on your right hand and some fur coat on your left. The city is ah-mazing and underrated, so please find time to visit if you want to go to Europe!

Then amidst the backdrop of clouds and people, and a bit of small cityscrappers, your eyes will be drawn to this casino royale-ish type of Palace. A truly iconic sight to behold.

It actually is a fully functioning building, with various companies, with cinemas, theaters, libraries, sports clubs, universities, scientific institutions and authorities of the Polish Academy of Sciences. The Palace of Culture and Science is the highest building in Poland and the eighth tallest building in the European Union. Imagine working here every day, so nice right?

Warsaw is a must visit when you want to see a distinctive kind of Europe, one that is inexpensive yet priceless for all the right reasons. This is an “concrete” example of that.

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