Łazienki Park: Take A Stroll Around Warsaw’s Biggest and Grandest Park

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Take A Stroll Around Warsaw’s Biggest and Grandest Park 

If you want to feel that instant relaxation that only a really good park can give, it’s Łazienki Park for you. Park Łazienkowski, which literally means "Baths Park", is the largest, grandest, most beautiful park in Warsaw, Poland. It’s 76 hectares of pure park awesomeness, right in the heart of Warsaw’s city center.

I was reading my mobile travel app when I found a picture of the park splattered all over the pages of the Warsaw guides. I don’t really exactly go to a place by just seeing the pictures alone, but this one is different. There’s something engrossingly cool about the Łazienki Park. Must be a must go, trust thy instinct.

This extraordinary park-and-palace complex is the summer residence of King Stanislaw Augustus – Poland’s last monarch. You can see the combination of neoclassical architecture and dreamlike garden design that is fit for royalty. Imagine getting misplaced in Warsaw and finding this place – you’d feel you found a safe sanctuary right there and then for sure.

The place has different styles of gardens - from Royal Garden, Garden Belvedere and Modernist Garden, New Garden Chinese, and future planned XXI Century garden with a pavilion for temporary exhibitions. It’s definitely worth spending more than half a day when visiting this place. You can take away a unusual peace of mind that only the live peacocks and squirrels you can see here can give you. Haha! Oh and a good tip - be sure to check out the place on Sundays where half of Warsaw descends to take their traditional family stroll.

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