A Prelude To Warsaw’s Old Town: What to See When Marching Around this Side of Poland

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What to See When Marching Around this Side of Poland

I’m a random photo enthusiast and maybe you may have noticed, I do these chronicles of anything I see on the streets for fun, to keep myself inspired, and to remember the kind of history and travel a particular place once had.

If you might be providential enough, you get a chance to enjoy and photograph a place such as what they had in Warsaw. Such a beauty. Headed to the old town, which is in fact a certified UNESCO place, but the prelude to that is equally enjoyable to traverse.

There’s a lot of nice cafes, restaurants, palaces, landmarks, monuments, and local hang-out places here in Warsaw that you wouldn’t think would exist, especially since their history is predominantly war-filled. The shops, the people, history vibe around the place would make you hear how the Old Town echoes around the surrounding area.

It’s better to do a DIY walkathon tour around this area when visiting the Old Town, because, for sure, not only will you get to see more of this part of the metropolis, it will also make you wonder why are Polish people relaxed walkers? Must be the place! :)

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