Walking in and Around Warsaw: Everything You Need to See in Poland’s Capital

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Walking in and Around Warsaw, Poland

Warsawa is not only Poland’s capital, but also the largest city in this Central European country. Other names for Warsaw include Varsovia (Latin, Spanish), Varsovie (French), Warschau (German, Dutch), Varšuva (Lithuanian), and Varsó (Hungarian). It is the 9th most populous capital city in the European Union, having around 2.6 million residents living in this metropolis, but oddly so, it doesn’t seem to be overcrowded with people. In my book, this means that walking in and around this city is a good indicator of really enjoying the sights, sounds, and culture without being stressed out by overpopulation.

What I think you will enjoy in this long and winding photos of the everyday look of this city is how the mixture of Poland’s architectural styles reflects its history and relevance. You could see most of the historical buildings were thoroughly reconstructed, with basic design typical of Eastern bloc countries. You’d see old skyscrapers, palaces, and towers. The landmarks are distributed everywhere and the city is effortlessly walkable – don’t necessarily need to hire a tour guide or spend long days just to see the whole town.

And did I mention about the churches? I’ve never seen a European country, other than Italy, to have as many churches as the one in Poland. You can easily add “church hopping” as an activity when visiting Poland.

Here are “some” of the pictures I took while walking around in Warsaw with my younger brother, who was quite eager to enjoy the cold cold cold weather. Warsaw was courteous enough to give us a good glimpse of what the city has to offer. Will you be willing to walk around a newfound city with this kind of cool weather? Yes, you should try.

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