Ujazdów Park: This Is Where You Should Spend Your Free Time in Warsaw

Tuesday, November 24, 2015 0 Comments

Park Ujazdowski w Warszawie

This is the very first time that I’ve actually blogged in a coffee shop! So this is what the hype is all about? Truth be told, I’ve got a lot of “free time” nowadays, so this may probably become a routine for some time, and I sure don’t mind at all. Singapore can be a bit taxing when it comes to work and the people you deal with work, but there are also moments like this one that can make you appreciate Singapore even more.

But with all honesty, with the things happening lately, I would like to imagine myself doing the actual writing, probably like Paolo Coelho or something, you know – with a small notebook, going all writing in a quiet reclusive place such as this park in Warsaw. Poland is such a beauty, in this park right in the middle of the city, is proof of that. Ujazdów Park is this everyday urban park in Warsaw, located around Łazienkowska area.

It felt like I stepped into an abandoned paradise, small enough to be walked around in and big enough to be appreciated even more. It’s like a torn page from a forgotten fairy tale book, seeing squirrels running around like it’s no one’s business. Our life is no one’s business but ours, always be thankful you have a life to enjoy and appreciate!

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