Poland Travel: Visiting Polska For The Very First Time

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Poland Travel: Visiting Polska For The Very First Time

If you have proclivities for the kind of European countries to visit, I’d say you shouldn’t miss out on one of the good ones: Poland. Polska is one of the larger countries in Central Europe, bordering countries like Belarus, Czech Republic, Germany, Lithuania, Russia, Slovakia, and Ukraine. It also has a long Baltic Sea coastline, which makes the country rich with natural spectacular resources.

The overall charm is like a weave of Medieval, Russian, and European heart-warming culture, which makes it one of the most spectacular throwback inspirations you can get when you visit this side of Europe.

Had a propitious chance to visit this country for one of our EU travel stops this year, and I was completely blown away by the amount of cultural infusions you can see in this country. It’s an uncommon sight for Southeast Asians, so seeing it in full 3D life size realness is just absolutely brilliant! I’m playing Schindler’s List in my head while walking around the city; it’s a lot different now of course and it’s really good, but the city also has a vintage feel to it, which makes it poignant and intriguing to explore.

Poland was first united as a country around the 10th century, and adopted Catholicism in 966. They have a long and painstaking history, from World War II, Communism, Contemporary Period, and years’ worth of political challenges. From the old town, to gorgeous parks, and upcoming business centers, Warsaw is an emerging city.

Join me as I get into detail what Warsawa and the rest of Poland has to offer through a series of posts about what to see, do, and experience in this charming country.

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