Mermaid of Warsaw: One Legendary Aquatic Way to Enjoy The Old Town

Thursday, November 26, 2015 0 Comments

Mermaid of Warsaw

Starbucks and Hans Christan Anderson may probably have visited Warsaw and got some of their mermaid inspiration here, who knows? Legend even says that the Little Mermaid in Copenhagen is the Warsaw mermaid's sister and they went their separate ways from the Baltic Sea. But whatever that is, it sure is intriguing. The Mermaid of Warsaw, which is Polish for Syrenka Warszawska, is a symbol of Warsaw, represented on the city's coat of arms and well as in a number of statues and other imagery.

It has already been here in 1390 and the statue has morphed into different kinds already. This one in the The Old Town Market Placeis the most prominent one, but there are more than a few swimming around the city – they have  Powiśle near the Vistula river, another one in on the Stanislaw Markiewicz viaduct in Karowej Street, Inżynierski Street, The Palace of Culture and Science, and even one outside Warsaw, which is a memorial fountain of the Warsaw mermaid with a similar shape to the monument.

There are indeed more than a handful of sculpture and landmarks scattered around Warsaw but this one is a sure standout and a must visit when hanging around the Old Town. You can easily hang around this place and enjoy the city square without having much trouble identifying which one is the mermaid. Haha!

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