Helpling Singapore Website Review: Clean Your House With A Few Clicks

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Helpling Singapore

Steve Jobs once said, “Design is not just what it looks and feels like; design is how it works”. Steve Jobs is a visionary. If Steve Jobs was alive, he would say that Helpling’s website is one good example of a design that works – not just in website layout form, but also in true household help approach.

Helpling’s website has a hygienic design that caters to the needs of any kind of user, be it a busy expat looking for a quick household help fix, or a tireless mum looking for easy access to cleaning help, or even a freelancer looking for a cleaner job in Singapore. The pages provide usable info that’s easy to go around with.

The images and color chaos supplement well with the hopeful vision of the company: GREEN and CLEAN. Even in the visuals used, you can understand how things are with Helpling. You’ll appreciate how the pages are quite intuitive and responsive.


Unlike other cleaning sites where you feel it’s not safe to just click around or enter important details, here it feels like you are being encouraged to click around - feels like home, if I may.

Guaranteed secured online payments and convenient online booking. Tried it myself, and I was half-past-drunk-sleepy when I did the booking and it’s absolutely simple! Likewise, what I like is the fact that there are no long intricate registration forms and registration fees to worry about! Finding a trusted cleaner in Singapore is now much easier (finally!).

You can get all the material in the site with no trouble, from Pricing, to FAQs, to Customer Reviews, and Cleaning Agreements. If you even want to be a cleaner yourself, you can even check out the page that provides information on that.

They offer cleaning packages and bookings can be done in three easy steps. Likewise, you can book even faster in their mobile version – Helpling apps that are available both for IOS and Android users, so even if you’re mobile and about to go home, you can book a cleaner with ease.

If you’re the next Steve Jobs or if you are living in Singapore, you just have to check out Helpling’s website and while you’re at it – go to the next stop: Helpling Singapore cleaning service review.

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