Helpling Singapore: The Best, Easiest, Safest, Tried-and-Tested Way to Get Household Help

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The Best, Easiest, Safest, Tried-and-Tested Way to Get Household Help 

WE ALL WANT FREE TIME - free time to do truckloads of stuffs like sports, or travel, or bucket lists, or passion projects; letting life unfold as we want it to be. But does this hold true if we’re living a busy-life-of-work? When day jobs and worldly problems consume us?

If you’re living in Singapore, which is home of “the best of the best” – free time CAN be on your side! Thanks to Helpling, tediously exasperating experiences like house cleaning chores can turn into extra time with just a few online clicks.

Singapore is the VERY FIRST (and only) city in Asia where Helpling, a German-born start-up company, is available. It’s an online cleaning services platform that matches customers and independent domestic cleaners. To date, Helpling is available in more than 200 cities around the world, primarily in Europe, such as Austria, France, Netherlands, and Sweden. Yes, let’s go Singapore - ASIA represent!

Gone are the antediluvian days when we force our fellow housemates, our retired parents, or younger siblings, or minor children, or even random cleaners from the black market to help clean our house, iron clothes, vacuum and mop, empty waste bins, clean the fridge, clean the toilet. Everything and anything related to everyday household cleaning can be done through the Helpling cleaning services.

Lend me your free time through this quick series, as I tidy up your preconceived notions about household cleaning, and give you a chance to get to know more about this start-up that’s completely new in Singapore. 

Up next: Helpling Singapore website service review.

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