Walking in and Around Malmo: All You Need to See in Sweden’s Third Largest City

Thursday, October 08, 2015 0 Comments

Walking in and Around Malmo, Sweden

I always remember mom’s story about how she loves to walk with me when I was a kid. Probably the reason why I completely worship walking. And I have consciously appreciated this one even more when I moved to Singapore; people here just are just crazy about (fast) walking. Now of course, when you go to a new city, you kinda check what’s the culture like, especially when it comes to basic necessities such as transportation, and daily moving around.

And what I find remarkable is the fact that these Sweeds, as advanced as they are when it comes to transportation, prefers bikes and walks. Yes, walking in and around Malmo, Sweden is probably the best thing to do when you visit this city. Easy.

Aside from the fact that Malmo is this lovingly laidback city, with unruffled streets, and nice walking areas here and there, there are nice and accessible landmarks in almost every corner.

The city center is somewhat small, so you can finish the quick and easygoing walking tour in half a day. There are also stunning landmarks that may take you a few more hours to see, so better stick around.

Is it just me - when you travel to new places, would you rather walk or what?

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