September 19 2015 – Formula 1 Singapore Airlines Singapore Grand Prix Photo Essay

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September 19 2015 – Formula 1 Singapore Grand Prix

Singapore has proven that the only humanly possible way to annihilate the idea of haze is to have two things in place, and no it isn’t all about N95 masks and all that stay indoors ads. It’s all about Formula 1 Singapore Airlines Singapore Grand Prix and Maroon Five combo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes, with much emphasis on the ridiculous line of exclamation points and people all taking part in Day 2 of the 2015 Singapore GP.

The lineup of track action is quite packed with adrenaline inducing acts, such as: the TCR International Series Qualifying, Porsche Carrera Cup Asia Race #1, Formula One Practice, Paddock Club Pit Lane Walk, and the Qualifying. No one wanted to miss this one – neither did we.

Stage and Roming acts from Zone 1 to 4 are keeping everyone in such effervescent state, and Spandau Ballet was the one to beat. Everyone was either on foot or on the grass, walking or lounging around like a nonchalant pooch. Beers, beers, beers, and bawling everywhere! Yes Singapore, good job!

The night was still young when everyone decided to infest the Padang Stage for what seems to be a Maroon Five revolution. Our troop sat on the middle area, quite next to the VIP section. Literally within matter of mere minutes, our place was besieged with thick layers of people, armed with selfie sticks, glasses of beer, and sweaty towels. Crazy crowd, feels like I was back in my college hangover days. Everyone was talking to everyone else, like a grand meet-up event of sorts.

Adam Levine went out in style, though a bit under the (hazy) weather… pun intended, yep! The crowd went wildER. Like everyone was his back-up singer-stalker. Singing, jumping, back-to-back, non-stop. The guy beside was screaming every lyric he knew, even if it sounded so off. Everyone was cheering, not to him, but you could feel his excitement. Foolishly electrifying, just like Adam’s pink guitar!

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