Malmo, Sweden: Get Lazy and Lost - A Rewarding Travel Tip

Saturday, October 17, 2015 2 Comments

Malmo, Sweden: Getting Lazy and Lost

When you are extremely lazy and lethargic, you get extra obese. In my case, a good thing. My laziness and lack of sleep during our visit to Sweden, didn’t get me into any unhealthy trouble at all. Turns out, I got extra obese eating up all the good things that Malmo has to offer. Too much referral on food, sorry about that, just had lunch and we just talked about the most trivial thing on the planet: how to cook sweet and sour pork.

So yes, we got lost walking around Malmo, but I was the only one who knew about it. And the thing about Europe is that getting lost is always a good thing when traveling, especially if it’s as gorgeous as this city. Don’t try to get lost in places in Asia though, this is a tip and warning.

The architecture, the pavement, the people, and the food – this particular Scandinavian city reminds me of Cardiff a little. I idolized their central station very much. I liked the streets and every quiet corner. I enjoyed the strangers giving a good smile and nod, while we took pictures like an Asian pros.

When you combine lazy walking and being lost, who would have thought that it will turn out just as miraculous as what Malmo, Sweden can offer? I sure did not expect that, which is why I recommend it to all of you traveling for quite some time already – it’s a seemingly counterproductive yet rewarding travel tip that I won’t mind doing again when I visit Europe.

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2 Wandering Thoughts:

ctail said...

Judging from your photos, you were only lost a couple of hundred meters from the central station. Here are a couple of street view links (so that you can walk around virtually from them) to sites that you might have found had you slightly expanded your radius: Malmöhus, Gamla väster, Rörsjöstaden, south of the canal.

Bowdy Wanders said...

hello there! yes, I was lost during the first half of the leg work around the city but afterwards, I did not manage to take pictures anymore! Thanks for the helpful links, I hope to comeback there someday soon - it's a sprawling city! :)

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