Kungsparken, Malmö: The Park to Enjoy An Unreasonably Good Book

Tuesday, October 20, 2015 0 Comments

Valkommen till Kungsparken

Alas, the last Sweden post for now, and like any great classic (read: oldie) blockbuster blog ending, we finish this series with a relaxing park scene. There are many faces of travel, but the one thing that I would always want to see at least once when traveling to a new place is to see their park scene. Every city has their own park scene that’s exceptionally unique on its own. Malmo has a few tricks when it comes to this.

A line-up of exotic trees, a kid’s playground, a waterscape, a wind-mill, a school of ducks, and a whole lot of solace, this is the perfect place to just relax and do nothing at all. I’ve been here by luck, because it’s on the way to the nearby Malmohus Slott, and I was taken aback when I saw a few dots of people. Not much hanging around just yet, but what I double-noticed though was that the few people who were there were all invested in a paperback book they were carrying. If I’ll happen to come back to this city in the future, I’ll be sure to bring my tablet and a good classic book!

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