Gamla Kyrkogarden in Malmo, Sweden: The Only Time You Should Go For A Walk In A Cemetery

Sunday, October 18, 2015 0 Comments

Gamla Kyrkogarden in Malmo, Sweden

Halloween is skulking in about a few weeks’ time and costumes and horror facts are trending once again. Would you mind visiting a cemetery as one of your travel to-go places? Ye, you should.

Over the course of my travels to different cities, one thing I’ve noticed is that cemeteries seem to be a monumental if not spiritual landmark for cities that value culture in all forms. Here in Singapore alone, the one in Kranji is the most serenely photographic places you’ll ever see. In Glasgow, Scotland, they’ve got my favorite cemetery that’s worth every thought and remembrance you can give to it. In Malmo, it’s another cause for celebration - Gamla Kyrkogarden.

It’s located in the middle of the city center, Gustaf Adolf's Square, but it seems to be more like a mysterious garden or connecting park – nothing too bloodcurdling. It’s one of those to-go places in Malmo that yes, can be considered an optional choice, but it also exudes this unusual solitude that will make you want to visit an imaginary relative buried here.

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