Barista Fair Trade Coffee: Malmo, Sweden’s Best Cafe To Wake You Up From Letdowns

Thursday, October 15, 2015 , 0 Comments

Barista Fair Trade Coffee in Malmo, Sweden

In times of disappointment and letdown just like now, after hearing about this news that I was hopeful for, I just wish I could have some coffee back at the Barista Fair Trade Coffee cafe in Malmo, Sweden. It’s the most calming and cozy café that could weather any storm, literally and figuratively.

This two-storey coffee shop is planted at the very nucleus of Malmo’s city center. It has an al fresco space and a second floor that’s quite enviable.  Inside though, the place is a middle ground between commercial and hipster space – not too packed, not too vacant. Just the right balance of café sense that’s inviting enough. We serendipitously reached this place after Malmo decided to take a bath with some mid-afternoon 0 degree rain pour.

Sat at a corner seat overlooking the street from below. Beautiful spot, or so I thought. But then again, looking around the second floor area, everyone seems to be enjoying their “corners”, just sitting around and chilling with their café orders. The sweeds are loving this coffee place so much. You’ll feel and connect like a local here!

They got loads of choices, though all writings are in Swedish language. Little English. But, it’s very easy to guess, especially since they use what seems to be like an English alphabet. Also, you can never go wrong with the available display of choices at the counter. My go-to mocha coffee is the biggest regular coffee I’ve ever seen in my life! Seriously, delicious.

I’m having my instant coffee right now (lame, I know), while I imagine myself to be in the Barista Coffee Shop in Malmo, Sweden. Letdowns are there to bring you up, in one way or another – so I’m looking forward to another visit at the Barista Coffee Shop, some time soon – the idea just brings me up!!!

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