September 18 2015 – Formula 1 Singapore Airlines Singapore Grand Prix Photo Essay

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September 18 2015 – Formula 1 Singapore Grand Prix

Here are the headlines: The 13th race of the Formula One season is set to be an intoxicating mix of adrenaline pumping, high-octane action as the world’s best racing drivers take on the Marina Bay Street Circuit in one of the thoughest races on the calendar.

Toughest, primarily because of the alarming haze level caused by the forest fires from Indonesia – yes, probably. But in any case, everyone’s so pumped up to see some track action, stage acts, music acts, circus acts, as well as roving acts across this area of Singapore.

The place was crawling with foreign nationals. It’s like I’m back in the western side of the world – Asians seem to be outnumbered 1 is to 1-too-many! It has this sort of festival feel to it, quite fun and enjoyable. Folks from all faces of life are walking around and just reveling in the night spectacle.

Of course, the highlights: the TCR International Series Practices, Porsche Carrera Cup Asia Practice, and the Formula One Practice. No wonder “Fast and the Furious” reached its stratospheric popularity, anyone’s bound to be an enthusiast once you see these things live in action! Check out my blurred and car-less pictures! Haha!

Ending the night at the Padang Stage with THE seven-time Grammy winner, the multi-talented Pharrell Williams with the rest of his dance crew, the “Baes”.  Yes.

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