Nyhavn, Copenhagen: Denmark’s Best Quayside You’ll Go Crazy For

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Nyhavn, Copenhagen

I can’t withdraw the ideas I have right now, because the A/C is freezing my brains out. Brain-freeze, yes. The only smart thing I can say is that this cold temperature is much like the time I was in Nyhavn, Copenhagen, when my double layered jacket didn’t seem to work. Body-freeze, yes. I guess you could say that the only difference is that my ideas in Nyhavn were much much much cooler, crazy brilliant even.  

Nyhavn is like Clarke Quay in Singapore, but ten million times better, if you’re like me who prefers this style of quayside. In the beginning, Nyhavn was a commercial port where ships from all over the world would come and dock. Today, the beautiful restored old houses are the main highlights, including classy restaurants, canals, jazz music and great locals hanging out around the area.

The functioning close-open style bridge is a bit of a surprise too. This is non-existent in Asia, so it’s quite fascinating to see such actually being used. I even saw a few Asian chinky-eyed folks gawking and laughing like winning the lottery or something. For some, this may be crazy, for us Asians – this is brilliance actualized. Haha!

Did you know that H. C. Andersen, the man behind the Little Mermaid, used to live in Nyhavn for years? He got inspiration for quite a few stories from this lovely old harbour. This area is actually very old, as it dates back to the 17th century. The oldest building in Nyhavn is house number 9, which was built in 1681.

I guess, we all have our versions of crazy when it comes to traveling. And, it becomes quite evident if you see it being done by someone else? But this time around, I’m okay to go crazy myself, the good kind of crazy of course, if it’s in a place such as Nyhavn, Copenhagen. Whether its crazy boring, crazy cold, or crazy-childish pleasure, count me in.

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