Nyboder Yellow: The Imaginative Yellow Houses of Copenhagen, Denmark

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Nyboder Yellow

There’s nothing more optimistic than to walk along the Nyboder Yellow in Copenhagen, Denmark (though here’s an inside scoop, the original colors of the development of this array of nearly alike houses were red and white). I was in search for that kaleidoscope streets that Denmark is known for, and though it’s clearly yellow over here, you can easily enjoy this place.

We were on a casual weekend city stroll around the area; we did not have anything particular in our itinerary. We wanted to be adventurous and get lost in Copenhagen. But, the thing is you don’t exactly get lost because it’s quite easy to navigate your way through the streets, signs, and friendly neighborhood.

Budding above the low roofs from afar is this beautiful church belfry. And like a compass, we were drawn to that area. It’s this 1800s St. Paul's Church, which is in the middle of the Nyboder area, a red brick with blinds, arches, columns, as well as pinnacles on all corners.

To its side, we saw these sunset yellow houses that used to be for enlisted personnel of the Danish Navy, Army and Air Force. We also saw the Edouard Suenson Memorial, Christian IV statue, and Nyboder's school. It’s a different kind of blast from the past, considering how everything looks like. It’s as if you stepped into an old movie set but not quite. It’s as if you were back in time, but in a parallel universe. There’s something about it that I really can’t quite put my words on, but certainly something I wouldn’t mind walking around and checking out. It’s one of the rare normal-city-areas that stirred my imagination the most. It’s a must visit if you are ready to have your own interpretation of an unusual travel visit place when in Copenhagen, Denmark.

It’s a place like how the Danish philosopher Søren Kierkegaard asks rhetorically: "Why was I not born in Nyboder?"

Address: Skt. Paulsgade 24 1313 København K
Website: www.nybodersmindestuer.dk

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