Leysieffer Café: Another Airport Cafe Good Find In Europe

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Leysieffer Café

The Berlin Airport offers the best welcoming committee one can ever hope for: The Leysieffer Café. Whether you happen to be a regular traveler in this side of the world or it’s your first time to visit Germany, the Leysieffer Café floods you with these heavenly chocolate truffles and sweets line-up, coupled with some sandwiches and café drinks – heaven on earth = yes you, Leysieffer.

Ever since I visited Amsterdam, I didn’t have high hopes in finding good café and chocolate finds in airports anymore. Merely because? I know it’s very hard to top that. Yes, the Belgians, the Dutch and the Swiss make the best chocolates, but after this encounter… well, so are the Germans, yes.

Upon our arrival in Berlin, this was our first official welcome stop. Airport food was suddenly overtrumped by the food orders we had over here. They have a lot of viands to choose from; food and drink are pretty much plentiful. It’s almost as if you are dining in a hotel café that’s both sophisticated and subtle. The place was beautifully crowded with people, locals and travelers, all enjoying the palpable café quality of Leysieffer.

There are only a few elite cafes that can be found inside airports from around the world that aren’t too commercial, over-the-top, or unbelievable. It’s homegrown; it has utmost quality taste. Leysieffer Café in Berlin, Germany is one of those elite few that effortlessly achieves such recognition.

Address: Schöneberg, Kaufhaus des Westens, Berlin, Germany

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