Hipster-Classic: Walking in and Around Copenhagen, Denmark

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Walking in and Around Copenhagen, Denmark

I forgot the fact that I come from a family of serious walkers. My parents, as seniors as they already are, are born walkers. They’re like the Tortoise in Aesop's Fables “The Tortoise and the Hare”. They enjoyed walking in and around Copenhagen. I’m like a proud dad seeing his son walk for the very first time haha! They defied the unsympathetic Denmark weather without much difficulty. But seeing Denmark as it is, even with its drizzling 0 degree weather, words cannot comprehend the amount of architectural artsy you can get from this place.

We roamed around the city for the entirety of our stay. I could count with my (three) fingers the number of times we rode the public transportation just to reach one place to the other. We crossed across several streets, alleys, roads, and all the Instagram-worthy cobbled stoned walkways we could ever chance upon. This city is hipster-classic, not so suitable for the everyday Asian, but enough to make Asians dream of living here. Denmark is built for walking, and there’s so much ingenuity and modern charisma to it that is undeniable.

Here are some of the photos from around the city. Even if you consider the part that it was drizzling for the most part of our stay, the city looks like it just got out from a morning shower! There’s a huge part of me that believes that I was born in this side of the world in my past life, because this is where I got trained to walk around like a pro. Will someone take me back, so much to explore.

You wouldn’t mind walking around (every single day of your life) in a city such as Copenhagen, yes?

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